At GSquared Design Group, we don’t just tack a shopping cart on to your site, we provide you with comprehensive e-commerce solutions. We use state-of-the-art technology to seamlessly integrate order processing in a way that not only enhances your visitor’s experience, but also smooths your shipping and inventory tasks. That’s because we believe in doing the job right rather than taking the easy way. We never say “no” and we never settle for good enough.

Not only do we make your customers happy, we put a smile on your sales and shipping staff as well because with GSquared Design Group you get the functionality you want the way you want it. Need custom discount codes or promotions? We can do that. What about a custom checkout experience designed around your business and customers specific needs? Let us at it. Need custom order processing and integration? No problem. We can give you a system where you can process orders, ship products and communicate with your customers in the way that matches your requirements perfectly. All of our solutions are custom fitted. We can provide you with custom call center portals that allow your call center representatives to handle all their ordering tasks simply and easily so they can concentrate on giving your customers their full attention, that means satisfied customers and increased sales.

With GSquared Design Group, you’ll get e-commerce technology that’s compatible across all browser platforms and programming languages. We design your site to make it easy for your staff to maintain and update so that it can change and grow with your company. With our custom API integrations to third-party applications we can integrate directly with your accounting system to keep your accounts always up to date and with little to no user entry. That means faster processing, fewer man hours, lower costs and higher profit margins. If you want an e-commerce site that’s reliable, easy to use and tailored to your needs, then you need GSquared Design Group. Give us a call today and see what we can do for you.