Vital Choice Seafood

Client: Vital Choice Wild Seafood & Organics


Technology: SQL, .NET, .ASP, Ajax, Spry, XML, Javascript, ProductCart, Custom Search Engine, ProMail Integration

Vital Choice Wild Seafood & Organics had grown a business with a solid reputation as sellers of premium seafood with a commitment to nutrition and sustainability. Their website reflected their values well, but they required a way to improve the speed and efficiency of their order processing, enhancing their customers’ shopping experience, and providing those refinements in look and navigation that make the difference between a good website and a great one.

Preserving the overall look and feel of Vital Choice’s website was very important, so we concentrated on giving it a cleaner, more polished appearance that involved repairing color correction and outstanding css cross-browser issues. We gave the navigation sidebars a tidier, less cluttered design, revamped articles and records sections, and introduced a tab system that allows customers to find product information quickly and without confusion.

Key to the website improvements was the total rebuilding of Vital Choice’s ordering and tracking system. The shipping system is completely integrated with ProMail for smoother, easier, more reliable order processing. By introducing a more robust Integrated One Page Checkout shopping cart solution using ProductCart and built on a rock-solid foundation of .NET, .ASP and SQL Server, Vital Choice can now give their customers increased managing and ordering abilities, including an auto-ship system for delivery of products on a scheduled basis.

Adopting a ground-up approach, we created a brand new “Customer Service Call Center Portal” that integrates the website with the call center system to improve contact between the customer and Vital Choice. This gives customer service representatives real-time access to customers and order activities so that they can respond to any issues with increased speed and efficiency. Furthermore, the improved tracking and reporting capabilities allows management to make better decisions that improve not only customer satisfaction, but also overall company productivity.

Key Features:
We provided Vital Choice with a cleaner, more polished look and resolved browser issues while preserving their corporate identity. Using, One Page Checkout, ProductCart, ProMail and the strengths of .NET, .ASP and SQL Server, we increased the scope, flexibility, and effciency of the order processing system. And finally, the creation of a new “Customer Service Call Center Portal” provided easier contact between customers and Vital Choice customer service representatives that greatly improves tracking, reporting, customer satisfaction, and overall productivity.