Van Yulay

Client: Van Yulay
Technology: SQL, .NET, .ASP, Ajax, Spry, XML, Javascript, ProductCart

Van Yulay was starting to suffer from its own success. After twelve years in business, their line of handcrafted soaps and other body products using only natural ingredients was a big hit. They had a good reputation as a company that was innovative with their products, but their website was in serious need of updating. It looked old-fashioned, was text heavy, didn’t convey much of any brand identity and was too much like other, less successful sites with a “‘90s” feel. In addition, their shopping cart was clunky, not very user-friendly and hard to maintain. The Van Yulay site needed to look as successful as the company it represented and to give the visitors a comfortable, easy to use experience.

We took a long look at the Van Yulay website and decided that what it needed was a look and feel that matched both their products and the level of their success. We gave the site a fundamental makeover starting with a template that provided visitors with stable look and feel combined with a predictable navigation menu that followed them throughout the site. The graphics for the site were redesigned to present a warmer, three-dimensional feel. We also gave the site a strong brand identity with a color palette that reflected the organic product line and added a strong graphic hook on the index page to catch the visitors’ attention. We also simplified the navigation structure and reduced the visible text by moving most of it to the interior pages where it was relevant to particular products.

On the back end, we added a new shopping cart that was more streamlined, user-friendly and easier to maintain, providing visitors with a greater sense of ease and confidence while allowing Van Yulay to maintain the cart on their own, providing them with much more flexibility, making site modifications and product line alterations simpler, and giving them greater over all control of the posting and purchasing processes.

Key Features:
We updated Van Yulay to give them a more modern, distinct design that reflected their status as a successful business. We gave the site a solid brand identity that distinguished them from their competitors and we gave visitors a more enjoyable experience by providing them with simpler navigation, a more use-friendly interface and a generally cleaner, more predictable feel. In addition, we upgraded the back-end systems to give the site a more streamlined, easy to maintain and update shopping cart to make ordering products more pleasant for visitors and maintaining the site easier for Van Yulay.