Tulees Clothing

Client: Tulees Clothing

Website: http://www.Tulees.com

Technology: Microsoft SQL, .ASP, Ajax, Spry, XML, Javascript

To provide the new Tulees Clothing label with not only an overall image but a platform to which they could display there fun, colorful and youthful clothing line to the masses. Ease of use of shopping online and SEO were the main concerns when initially reviewing the project as this is a brand new never before seen or used clothing line and it needed to be found easily.

Creating the face of the clothing line was not an easy task initially. With so many clothing lines on the market we needed to create a high energy easily rememberable image of the company and the clothing they produced. Using very bright and vibrant colors in conjunction with an overall clean design we established the feel of the clothing and it’s quality from the very moment the user enters the site.

Ease of use was the next item we needed to ensure was present. Users can enter the site and immediately begin reviewing the Tulees catalog with little effort and begin moving through the process of purchasing. All items are clearly labeled, easily identified and beautifully displayed on the site. Complete with color swatches and the ability to zoom in on all products, there is no guess work and the user knows exactly what they will be receiving and can rest assured that what they view on the site will be exactly what they will receive. This creates a very professional and strong relationship with the user who will most definitely be a repeat customer.

SEO needed to also be in place. With every website we build SEO is a huge concern for all of our clients and we do everything we can to fully educate and make our clients feel assured that what we do for SEO will be the best for their individual site. There is no magic trick or “switch” you can just flip to make your site show up in popular search engines, it’s years of experience and the ability to find the best possible approaches to putting each of our sites exactly where we want them. Every site is different and requires different strategies to search ranking placement and Tulees was no exception, especially being brand new it takes special care to ensure its given the absolute best possible chance to succeed online.

Finally the admins of Tulees needed the ability to add items, process orders and update content pages easily and efficiently. Implementing a robust shopping cart and content management system was a must and we provided Tulees with a shopping cart that will not limit them in any way and in fact grow with the company as it continues to succeed online with little to no maintenance needed or added costs. Tulees can grow freely as large as they would like with no concern if they will ever outgrow their shopping cart solution.

Establishing an overall image and creating an online portal that will grow with Tulees and allow Tulees to focus their efforts 100% on product and customer development without concern of their online presence or shopping cart ever failing.