Client: Tribblez
Technology: SQL, .NET, .ASP, Ajax, Spry, XML, Javascript, ProductCart

In the current economy, a new business has to get out in front of the competition fast and that means having a properly designed website up and running as soon as possible. Tribblez was a new pet food and related supplies company that specializes in home deliveries in northern Colorado. As a small company dedicated to local services, Tribblez presented particular challenges. A small start up, Tribblez had a limited budget. They also needed a website that was easy to maintain while working online, yet would allow them to restrict in-coming orders to their delivery area. Most important, they needed to mark out their place on the Internet with a distinct brand.

The previous Tribblez website was a beginner’s affair that looked very bare, so we began from scratch. Since our client was working within a limited budget, we had to find a way to provide them with a design that was lean, yet efficient where every dollar showed up on screen. By adding a new shopping cart and paying attention to maintaining back-end simplicity, we came up with a site that was neat, even elegant, and able to be serviced online by Tribblez with minimum staff and without the continuing presence of outside experts.

However, we did not sacrifice aesthetics to functionality. We developed a brand identity of Tribblez that reflected the company’s playful nature and blended it with their commitment to their local communities. We carried this theme from the graphics through the bright, cheerful color palette that was both communicative and engaging with a sense of the personal touch. To this we added a trim navigation menu that enhanced the visitors’ experience and allowed them to find the products they desired with a minimum of decision making. Another touch was the use of rollover bubbles on the product pages that allowed us to maintain a clean, easy to scan page layout, and yet the touch of a cursor would reveal more information on the product without the visitor having to leave the page.

And last, but not least, we installed a customized shopping cart that was easy to use for the visitor while providing Tribblez with greater flexibility and control. This cart was also specifically designed for taking product orders within the company’s designated delivery area, which allows Tribblez to concentrate on their local customer base.

Key Features:
We produced a new site from the ground up that provided Tribblez with a brand identity. To this we added a user-friendly navigation menu and installed rollover bubbles to make more information available while keeping page design clean and easy to scan. In addition, we installed a customized shopping cart for flexibility and ease of maintenance and to allow Tribblez to take orders from their delivery area.