USA Rounder Poker Room

Client: USA Rounder Poker


Technology: .PHP, MySQL, AS3, Flash, XML, Ajax, SPRY, Javascript

The average on-line gaming consumer is savvy enough to discern the difference between an established gaming web site, and one that looks as if it were built last night. Although is an established gaming site, their focus has been on function over form and catered to serious, higher-level players. With the popularity explosion of Texas Hold’em, USA Rounder needed to attract a larger clientele. Their original site had hit a wall in terms of attracting more players and affiliates. A major problem with the on-line gaming industry is websites that exist only to scam consumers, and USA Rounder’s original website had a bare bones appearance that did not inspire consumer confidence. In a word, their website was not “comfortable” to new users. Making matters worse was the original gaming client—a self extracting .EXE program that allows users to play poker with real people in real time, with real money—had reliability issues.

These challenges dictated a two-prong strategy: building consumer confidence and redesigning a gaming client that was bug-free and actually generated income. To achieve these goals, the company hired GSquared Design Group to create a website that appealed to social players drawn by popularity, as well as higher-level users.

On the consumer side, GSquared Design Group wanted to create a clean, user-friendly site. To this end, they revamped the informative content to make users feel safe downloading the gaming client, and redesigned the look of the site to provide an exciting, yet comfortable gaming environment. The new marketing approach and modern professional look was designed to enroll new players while giving established users a sense of belonging and pride for being there since the beginning.

To tackle the gaming client issue, the company switched to industry leading poker software producer, Merge Gaming. Having such a solid program backing the newly designed site allowed GSquared Design Group to redesign the gaming client to fit the needs of for a truly complete integration. The rock-solid platform now allows for error-free gaming and will allow users to join and view current tournaments in real time.

To take from a “what you see is what you get” gaming site to a reputable destination, GSquared Design Group created dynamically driven pages that have as much style as they do substance. By creating an easily updated content management system and a player administration area, GSquared Design Group has caught the eye of players as well as attracting more affiliates that want to capitalize on the improved functionality and sleek professionalism of the new site. By their efforts in taking to the forefront of the online gaming community, GSquared Design Group has proven themselves the safest of bets.