Protime Sports

Client: Protime Sports


Technology: .ASP, SQL, Java, Ajax, XML

Protime Sports had a beautiful site with a difficulty. Their site had a nice, clean look that made their line of soccer products really stand out. The problem was that they were expanding into a new line of baseball products and their site design lacked basic flexibility. In a nutshell, making changes to their site was extremely difficult and required expert assistance for even the simplest alterations or maintenance. What they needed was a not only to expand their site, but a way of making it easy to update on a day to day basis, yet maintain the identity of the site.

We produced a new back-end design incorporating ProductCart from Early Impact that not only gave Protime Sports a secure shopping experience, but it provided Protime Sports with a simple, flexible system that gave them full control and allowed them to quickly and economically update and maintain their site in-house with a minimum of fuss. We also provided them with a design for their baseball expansion that both preserved and enhanced their corporate identity and an interactive splash page that united the two product lines into a dynamic whole that is both captivating and intuitive.

Key Features:
We used ProductCart to provide Protime Sports customers with a more secure shopping experience and improved the website design to give Protime Sports full in-house control over their site updates.