Client: Jim Byers, Michael Maley


Technology: MySQL, .PHP, Ajax, Spry, XML, Flash, AS3, Javascript

Goals: To design and develop an online portal to showcase their company and services

Jim and Michael were looking for a way to showcase there amazing company and services in an easy to follow and understand format. Just like their services are designed to reduce waste they wanted the design of the site to follow… using bright open spaces, uncluttered and easily manageable feel and look, all while still moving the users through the site.

The challenge you run into with a company like Navascend is that there is just so much information available! By creating a linear path for a user to continue to move down they are not overwhelmed with information coming from different directions, keeping them focused on retaining more information in a much faster way.

Key Features:
– Clean, modern design. No “over-use” of non-relevant images and colors
– Complete content management system
– WordPress driven back-end
– XML driven flash allowing for easy updating
– Custom flash carousel navigations