Client: HotXess


Technology: .NET, Microsoft SQL, .ASP, Ajax, Spry, XML, Javascript

The Challenge:
In the competition heavy e-commerce environment, an innovative idea must have an innovative presentation to catch and hold the buyer’s eye. The challenge with was to create a sense of consumer familiarity and confidence by emulating sites such as e-bay or, without the clunky interface of such sites. For GSquared Design Group this meant incorporating avant-garde design elements and a site built on industry leading technologies, with third-party payment giant PayPal to create a sophisticated, secure, and reliable means of doing business. bills itself as a “virtual closet” for the on-line community. Say someone has a cocktail dress that fit the occasion perfectly. Once the occasion is over, is hangs in the closet collecting dust. offers members the chance to recoup invested capital as well as have their good taste confirmed by letting them offer their clothes for others to rent for their own special occasion. Free membership allows members to browse, rent, and return high-end clothing and accessories for women and men. This innovative business model sells no merchandise; they merely act as a secure liaison between mutually interested parties. only collects a nominal fee for each item listed: there are no commissions involved for items rented through’s on-line store.


In order to attract’s desired target market clientele, GSquared Design Group designed a site that was thoroughly modern and sleek in image and style, yet retained a sense of classicism through subtle use of color motif and font simplicity. There are no elements on the site that detract from the purpose of letting members shop at their leisure with no fear of privacy intrusion, spam, phishing or pushy sales tactics. The site is designed to attract members to not only browse and rent clothing items, but through ease of use, encourage them to post their own items for rent. Users gain confidence via GSquared Design Groups inclusion of a 5-star seller review system that lets users post feedback as to product quality, condition, and ease of dealing with the member who owns the item.

To provide the client with the technological framework to achieve a solid, user compatible foundation, GSquared Design Group started with Microsoft’s SQL Server. With the potential for thousands of buyers and sellers on the site, content management is a top concern. With the ability to store a multitude of different varieties of data from XML to documents, SQL is the technology for bullet-proof management and split-second retrieval of data. In combination with ASP and .NET technologies, all aspects of offers smooth reliability, whether front-end or back-end, or for members or administrators.

GSquared Design Group’s vision for was one of form and function operating in tandem. Starting with redesigning into an elegant and alluring site, and building that elegance on a framework of strong reliable technologies, GSquared has created a haute-couture site that is fashion over fad.