GMan Industries

Client: Gary Ford


Technology: .ASP, SQL, Java, Ajax, XML

GMan Industries had a problem. They were an innovative motorcycle technology company that had made a hallmark of individuality and invention with their line of custom-designed products, but their web site didn’t reflect the nature of their business well enough. They also had a shopping cart system that was slow, cumbersome and didn’t fully meet their customers’ needs. Gary wanted something sleeker that would better reflect the GMan Industries brand, make the customer’s shopping experience easier, and allow for more customer feedback and interaction.

We provided GMan Industries with a new shopping cart, ProductCart from Early Impact, which is a highly flexible system and one of the few available that is PA-DSS validated as PCI security compliant. The customizable nature of ProductCart allowed us to provide GMan Industries’s customers with a more secure shopping cart that was faster, easier to use and could handle larger order volume. We also modified the design of the web site so that it properly communicated the individuality and inventiveness of the GMan Industries brand.

Key Features:
We used ProductCart to provide a more flexible and secure shopping experience for GMan Industries customers.