Dreaming Earth Botanicals

Client: Dreaming Earth Botanicals
Website: http://www.dreamingearth.com
Technology: SQL, .NET, .ASP, Ajax, Spry, XML, Javascript, ProductCart

Little things can have a large impact. Dreaming Earth Botanicals were a well-established firm that retailed various oils, flower waters and aromatherapy product and they had a good site with a strong brand identity. However, there were details of the website design that didn’t match a consistently high design standard. Flat graphics, overly busy navigation menus and a slight sense of coarseness detracted from the stronger elements of the website. Worse, the shopping cart was clunky and inefficient; seriously detracting from the visitors’ experience.

On the back end, the old, less sophisticated shopping cart used by the site was inefficient and unable to keep up with the site’s increasing order loads

We introduced an overall consistency to the website design so that all elements were of a single high standard. We streamlined the navigation menus and aimed for a much less cluttered, smoother feel to the pages. In addition, we added such touches as drop shadows to give a more textured feel that united the various elements.

Along with the design and navigation elements, we replaced the PHP shopping cart with ProductCart, which greatly enhanced the website’s ability to handle increased order loads and increased its potential for future expansion.

Key Features:
We introduced much greater consistency in the website design so that the existing strong elements were not hampered by weaker ones, streamlined and uncluttered the navigation menus, and replaced the shopping cart to allow the site to handle current and future order loads.