Admiral Cargo

Client: Nathan Ward


Technology: MySQL, .PHP, Ajax, Spry, XML, Javascript

To create an online portal for shippers and logistics providers to get matched together based on their actual routes being used and goods being sent. The system needed to not only be functionally sound, but available to everyone in the world regardless of computer knowledge, computer speed or internet connection. The system also needed to have the ability to be translated into any language needed in the future.

Build a robust system that would not only allow shippers and logistics providers to be matched automatically based on key information, but also make the system user friendly enough that anyone in the world could easily use the system with little to no computer knowledge. We wanted to make the system look and feel extremely user friendly, but also needed to keep in mind that in some parts of the world internet speeds and computer system specifications can be very limited. So the site not only had to work for this group of individuals, but work fast.

Shippers and logistics providers fill out key information based on location, routes, language, type of goods being sent, shipping and receiving dates and other key pieces of information and than are automatically matched together to save both the shippers and logistics providers large amounts of resources and man hours locating these sources that they may have never known existed. By matching shippers with logistics providers based on actual information being used to transport the goods, the logistics provider can make a speedy and well informed decision on which shipper to use for a specific route setup.

Logistics providers are provided a complete admin panel where they can set up as many routes as they would like. The routes can be based on specific region or they can narrow down their routes to specific ports around the world. The ports are continually updated and contain the most up to date information possible.

Shippers provide simple and easy to follow information on the regions and ports that they actually service. Making it easy for a logistics provider to know exactly what to expect from a particular shipper.

No more cold calling and wasted time trying to locate a shipper to provide services to a logistics provider anymore. Logistics providers are now given the tools to save large amounts of resources by having all the information available anytime and in one location increasing overall productions and reducing overhead with this simple, yet extremely powerful system.

The system is currently equipped to handle English and Spanish translations of the entire site, more languages will be added as they become available.

Admiral Cargo has become a critical piece for both shippers and logistics providers. With numerous sites doing one side or the other, Admiral Cargo will be the first of its kind to successfully handle both sides and this will truly become an amazing online portal for both shippers and logistics providers.