5S Supply

Client: Tony Manos, Jennifer Molski

Website: http://www.5SSupply.com

Technology: Microsoft SQL, .ASP, Ajax, Spry, XML, Flash, AS3, Javascript

Goals: To re-design their current site and to move 5S Supply into the forefront of Lean and 5S materials.

The limitations with using a Yahoo! shopping cart became very evident quickly during the initial planning stages of development… Design was hindered, ease of use for customers was not present and no real ability to modify and update the pages in a cohesive manner. To even create a content page Tony was forced to create numerous product pages to act as content pages, decreasing search ranking and organization.

We decided to basically just start over… New shopping cart, new design and tackle all the obstacles that come from launching an online storefront at the very bottom. The first question we need to establish was: What is the purpose of this site? Seems simple enough right… after we broke every component of the business and the website down we got what we were looking for… Tony wanted a website that would allow anyone at any stage of developing a Lean and 5S workplace to benefit from both the products he offered and the availability of information in an easy to navigate portal. With this theme needing to be carried throughout the development of design, function and ease of use we created 5S Supply.com.

Key Features:
– Single category entry point
– Clean, modern design… all space is used to help in the process of moving users forward… not back
– Complete content management system
– Site map automatically linked to major search engines upon any updates
– Real-Time shipping
– Advanced user profiles
– Shopping cart, all categories and products and recently viewed items available on all pages
– Advanced product searching and sorting
– Complete inventory managment
– Cross-selling items
– User generated review system
– Build-To-Order products
– All communications between 5S Supply and its users are handled through the website for easy look-up and consistency
– Unlimited categories, sub-categories and products

“Right from the start we could tell Gary was different than other web designers we have used in the past. Gary is a great listener and helped us conceptualize and actualize everything we were looking for in our new website. He was always available to us and very quick to respond to our needs. At no time did he seem that we were asking too many questions or taking too much of his time. He is a great and patient teacher. Within no time at all made us feel very comfortable and confident in working with our new, innovative website.

Gary and his team at GSquared Design Group were fantastic and we would highly recommend them to anyone.”

Jennifer Molski
5S Supply